Offset And Side Chick’s P0nogr@phy Tape Finally Gets Revealed Online! WATCH NOW!!

The Migos Member’s phone was allegedly hacked last week and nude images surfaced online.

Offset and Nadia have retaliated to their ongoing Dating rumours following the release of an explicit video. Last Time – coincidentally,

Last Time – coincidentally, the same day as Cardi B’s new single ‘Money’ dropped – a video surfaced online appearing to show a naked Nadia dancing in a hotel room. The video was allegedly taken from Offsets’s phone after his iCloud account was hacked, thus setting off a new wave of cheating accusations.

However, it appears the Love Birds aren’t here to entertain the rumours any time soon, as, shortly after the news broke, they leaked a video in which they were seen simulating sex.

Cardi B And Offset  don’t give a f*ck bout no cheating rumors At This time. Shocked viewers assumed that the intimate footage was real before Offset revealed that it was all a joke and that both parties were fully clothed at the time.

 “I was fully clothes on live. I was not f****n nadia. Yaaa i can’t be that slow.” he wrote on Instagram. 

And this wasn’t the only video that has sent Cardi B’s fans raging of late – the hacker has also been accused of sharing explicit videos of Cardi B that were filmed during her days working as a Resident In The Young Money Mansion.

Labelled by many gossip sites as a ‘preview sex tape’, the woman in the footage incidentally has a similar tattoo to Cardi upper thigh design.

Apparently unfazed by the leak, Cardi took to Twitter to remind people of her previous career.

 “You know there’s videos of me Dancing with my t***ies & a** out on YouTube already right ? anyways i know i know i got a nice body right.” she wrote. 

People keep posting the nude videos of me like if i wasn’t a slut before You know there’s videos of me dancing with my titties & ass out on YouTube already right ?anyways i know i know i got a nice body right.

The rapstress added that she was “just going to make things positive out of a bad situation” following the drama.

However, this doesn’t mean Cardi is taking the invasion of their privacy lightly. Nicki’s attorney, Dilinger Ron, told TMZ that their team is launching a full investigation to track the hacker down, and aims to take legal action.